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Supporters on both sides gathered at the Greensboro city council meeting to protest Capt. Dustin Jones’s firing
Jason Blubaum, a deputy fire marshal based in Coeur d’Alene, said despite multiple calls reporting full gas canisters in the woods, none have been found
McDonald Green Volunteer Fire Department Chief Francis Ghent’s post suggested police should stop responding to Black neighborhoods
Police said the suspect was identified shortly after they released an image of him on Facebook
The suit claims medics allowed the photo to be taken and that the retired lieutenant posted it online implying the man was a looter during civil unrest
The fired firefighter, who has ongoing racial discrimination suits against the department, reportedly criticized the chief over the shooting of a Black teen
Chesterfield Fire Company Public Information Officer Steven Frischling reportedly wrote a comment indicating he had taken a Tyvek suit from the first station for personal use
Records show the engineer stated he was angered by the police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin at the time he made the post
From family fitness demonstrations to a helicopter ride-along, Orange County (Calif.) Fire Authority members are using all the tools at their disposal to reach the public
Authorities allege the white firefighter sent a threatening meme referring to Black Lives Matter to a Black paramedic
The lieutenant is accused of disclosing protected health information in the post on Facebook
The district chief and lieutenant claim firefighters posted racist social media posts, promoted violence against minorities and made threats against them
An internal investigation that began last year found that Lt. Charlie Thomason’s Facebook posts went against Chattanooga’s ethics policy and code of conduct
Disparaging posts send local officials scrambling to rebuild trust during already tense times
Fire Chief
The fire chief said he went against his training and abandoned his command position to search for the firefighter
The masks were originally purchased to be worn during wildfires in California, where Facebook is headquartered
The Texas firefighter-paramedic said the experience taught him the importance of raising awareness about living organ donations
The firefighter escaped injury after being briefly trapped, then returned to continue fighting the blaze after being evaluated
The fire department removed the photo from its Facebook page after some said they believed the firefighter’s gesture was similar to a “white supremacy” symbol
One firefighter was injured fighting the New Jersey blaze that destroyed several buildings
Firefighter Chris Shell says he hopes the video, which has been viewed more than 2 million times, will encourage others to learn CPR
Local alerts allow governments and first responder agencies to relay critical information to citizens on the social media platform
Lasse Gustavson, 60, suffered severe burns when he was caught in an oil explosion in 1981
The chief is accused of violating social media policy, having openly identified himself as an employee of the department and mentioning his rank
Firefighters, EMTs and paramedics have an obligation to respond regardless of their opinions about addiction and Narcan
He will be suspended for 90 days without pay after suggesting overdose victims die and calling Narcan the worst drug ever created
The firefighter called Narcan the worst drug ever created and suggested letting overdose victims die
Flyers were distributed in the community over the weekend encouraging people to join the KKK