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Homeland Security

The homeland security topic features news, education, training and tips about how responders can stay up-to-date on the current homeland security threats and emergency preparedness.

The new National Emergency Response Information System (NERIS) will replace the legacy National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS)
Alejandro Mayorkas, who oversees FEMA and the USFA, will speak during Wednesday’s general session
Dr. Lori Moore-Merrell, president and CEO of the International Public Safety Data Institute, began her career as a firefighter-paramedic in Memphis
Two programs allow for state and local governments to apply for funding related to emergency response in protection of the country
Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad Deputy Chief Jacob DeGlopper was found dead three days after police raided his home
The fire service writes the doctrine of stop the killing, stop the dying and start the healing after a terrorist attack or mass casualty incident
The Department of Homeland Security OEC released the data to guide the development of policies, programs and funding
The planned network will allow fire, EMS and law enforcement to share information and communicate with pictures and video
Chattanooga Fire Department requested $133,000 in federal funds for equipment and training
Town officials are still working out the formal arrangement, with some fire department personnel renewing calls for greater control
Department of Emergency Management says it is not on any heightened alert
Each time, he has tailored his message to the moment, at different points stressing themes of service, resilience, tolerance, reconciliation
The passengers and crew revolted against hijackers set on crashing into the White House or Capitol
The National Sept. 11 Memorial Museum was open for the first time on the anniversary
Intelligence expert says, it is layer upon layer upon layer — not all coming from the same place or ideology