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Humanitarian Aid

Miami Beach officials approved the deployment of 12 firefighters overseas
Salem fire Chief Alan Dionne returned from Ukraine and will go back with another fire engine
Gwinnett County Captain Chris Bilik positioned his vehicle to block traffic and called 911; a second firefighter also rendered aid until EMS providers arrived
Montgomery County’s sent 15 people, who are joined by personnel from other Maryland county fire departments, plus doctors, engineers and civilians
Firefighters throughout the U.S. have been sending items to New Ukrainian Wave-Passaic, a nonprofit handling shipping and distribution
From freelancing to insurance, there are several factors that should impact go/no-go deployment decisions
Through Santa Fe’s code blue initiative, firefighters look to provide the city’s homeless with sleeping bags, tents, food and other items, or a ride to a shelter or hospital
The First Responders Registration Intake gives first responders the opportunity to register for assistance when their work schedules allow
Matthew Driscoll used his extra time while on light duty after an injury to create training that would help responders recognize signs of trafficking victims
Rickety, ill-suited rigs must traverse unforgiving terrain to provide fire and medical services
The chief explains how they fight fire and perform rescues, and his passion for safety
More than delivery and training, the IFRM team has to engage in some international diplomacy
Training up on PPE and SCBA allows firefighters to teach one another
Despite logistical hiccups, fire officers were fully trained on PPE and SCBA use
Language and cultural barriers aside, understanding and appreciating the Georgian firefighters is a key first step in helping