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Drozd details the work of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association and what it’s been like stepping into his new role as executive secretary
The Pittsburgh chief also addresses the process of improving the department’s ISO rating and how the department has weathered the COVID-19 storm
The Insurance Service Office informed Cedar Falls it is prepared to drop the rating, but has given the city until February to make improvements
Learn how ISO classifications have changed and how they benefit communities as they improve
In theory, automatic aid sounds like it would benefit all departments and jurisdictions involved, but that may not always be the case
A fire department’s operating budget is impacted by ISO rating and accreditation, as well as property saved in the eyes of the community
“Augusta becomes one of only 18 communities across Georgia to achieve this top rating,” Fire Chief Chris James said
The new technical specification on video fire detectors helps ensure more efficient and reliable equipment
Only 241 other departments have achieved a Class 1 rating from the Insurance Services Office
The department is one of 750 fire departments in the country rated a 2 in town limits
Despite citywide budget buts, the department must have a minimum of 18 firefighters on staff
The department is one 57 in the country to achieve the rating
New Haven is one of 178 departments nationwide classified Class 1, joining 2 other state departments
The Newton Fire Department is fourth in the state to be awarded the highest rating
The ISO upgraded the San Rafael Fire Department from Class 3 to Class 1; the chief said the improved rating is due to changes in staffing, equipment, communication and fire prevention