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The funds could go toward building or renovating stations, adding emission control systems, installing backup power systems and building personnel quarters
Firefighters have been using a classroom and the engine bay as living quarters during the clean-up
Firefighters said they were given no notice in advance before the station was closed due to COVID-19-related budget issues
The city’s fire union said the facility has had a mold problem for years, causing serious health side effects for trainees
Black mold discovered during repairs caused the Michigan station to be temporarily shut down
Firefighters have been bunking in a trailer in front of the station since the problem was discovered in October
The new fire station will be built using funds from a $70 million bond to address the mold, flooding and structural concerns
Mold and a surprise backup of raw sewage in the Cohasset Fire Station has the town’s firefighters concerned
Officials said the remediation alone could cost about $16,000
Firefighters reported an intense smell at the station following heavy rain; the department will be able to use the building next door until the issue is resolved
The city closed the firehouse as a precaution after two firefighters complained about headaches
Firefighter health complaints led to the shutdown while the station is tested for mold
The firefighters in the station were getting colds more often; it’s the second station to have a mold problem
In recent years, they have been complaining about leaky roofs at their stations, as well as mold and dead rats in the ceiling
The firefighters were moved to other stations while a long-term solution is sorted out