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Motorcycle Crash

Lawrence firefighter Miguel Baez focused on recovering as quickly as possible and committed himself to being upbeat
Steve Smith served as Pebble fire chief for a decade
Firefighters and police officers who responded to the scene rendered care to Hudson Fire Lt. Todd Berube
Melvin “Dennis” Fortney III also taught at a community college and had retired as a battalion chief for Frederick County Division of Fire and Rescue
The IAFC joins ERSI’s work to collect as much data as possible with the aim of reducing the number of secondary crashes and struck-by incidents at emergency scenes
Patrick Sullivan pleaded guilty in March to charges related to a motorcycle crash that killed Ryan Ferrara
Desmond Palmer, 34, worked at Station 54 in the San Jacinto Ranger District in California
Patrick Sullivan and Ryan Ferrara were riding a motorcycle without helmets when the fatal crash happened
The institute asks first responders to report incidents and plans to analyze the data
Mark Hilley – a Gulfport firefighter and Harrison County battalion chief – survived a motorcycle crash in 2019 and vowed to “never waste another day”
A cop, an EMT and two corrections officers – one of whom is also a firefighter – were on the right road at the right time
Survivors from three separate crashes gathered on National Trauma Survivors Day to thank their rescuers in person
Reidville and Clear Spring Firefighter Tyler Warfield, 23, was between consecutive shifts when the crash occurred
Frederick County officials said the firefighters were responding to a motorcycle crash when a second motorcycle drove through the scene
Virginia Beach Fire Chief David Hutcheson said one firefighter was kicked and one was shoved, but bystanders didn’t interfere with care to the crash victim
The motorcyclist was injured in the crash, which occurred while the apparatus was responding to a fire
A Virginia Beach Fire Department report said first responders were pushed and kicked and that EMS vehicles were jumped on after the fatal motorcycle crash
The Stanislaus Consolidated Fire Protection District will soon begin billing people or their insurance companies when firefighters respond to vehicle fires, crashes, water rescues, hazmat calls and other rescue events
The man was sentenced to more than 10 years in prison for leaving the scene after striking and killing Greeley Firefighter Steve Kuzik
Escambia Fire Rescue Chief Dwain S. Bradshaw, 41, was at the scene of a fatal motorcycle crash when he was struck and killed by a log truck
Chief Robert Dauphinais had a stroke while on a motorcycle ride with his wife
Hyrum Nielsen was riding a motorcycle when he hit a tree and was ejected from the seat
Daniel Roy died after he spent several days in the intensive care following a crash on his motorcycle
Cool Springs Volunteer Fire Department Asst. Chief Ray Elmore, who lost his leg in a motorcycle crash, will return home to a new ramp thanks to his colleagues
Mike Degering, who crashed his motorcycle in Colorado several weeks ago, died at the hospital as a result of his injuries
The Baltimore County Fire Department said the 26-year-old firefighter was on his way to work when the crash occurred
Superior Ambulance EMT Jaclyn Nauracy and South Haven Fire Department firefighter-paramedic Nicholas Branham were killed when they collided with an SUV
Police recovered a license plate from the scene and tracked down the driver. But no one has been arrested as the case remains open