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Power Outages

Over a dozen fire engines responded, according to Orange County Fire Rescue
The Rio Dell Fire Department was delayed in responding to some 60 calls because its garage doors were off the hinges and had to be pried open
Public safety departments are warning their communities about flooding and other hazards
Hurricane Ian
USAR teams have been deployed to a staging area, and local fire departments have been issuing safety reminders to their communities
Several fire departments from the region and the state’s wildfire control responded to the call
With a backup generator at the station, members of the Cleveland, Holman, Encinal, Tramperos department work through the Hermits Peak/Calf Canyon Fire
The vehicle is fully powered by a hydrogen fuel cell, mitigating the need for diesel generators that produce toxic fumes
Agencies are (or should be) preparing for continued rolling blackouts meant to minimize the risk of electrical line-caused fires
Selden firefighters and police officers drove up and down the streets warning the community after the city’s tornado sirens stopped working
The explosion was captured on video as Contra Costa firefighters were battling the initial blaze
About 150 firefighters conducted an extensive search to ensure the safety of residents after the blast
Fire and EMS agencies in central Texas have seen emergency call volumes skyrocket amidst hazardous conditions, road closures and power outages
Local media reported that one person had died and another was injured in a home collapse in the aftermath of an initial 6.4 magnitude quake off the coast
11,000 people are without power after fires at two power substations in Wisconsin’s capital have knocked out the power
The CEO of Con Edison said the blackout resulted from a ‘significant disturbance on the west side of Manhattan at one of our electric transmission stations’
The power outage affects approximately 44,000 customers along a 30-block stretch
Understand the real risks electricity pose as you will likely encounter downed power lines when responding to structure fires, vehicle accidents or weather events
Southern California Edison aims to replace 3,400 miles of overhead power lines with insulated wire to reduce the risk of them sparking
The ladder truck was cordoned off until Seattle City Light workers arrived and shut off the power
Shortly after the blaze broke out, firefighters found a huge container of mineral oil that is used to cool electrical equipment on fire
The fire department tweeted that it had responded to more than 100 calls for service
The noontime, hour-long outage was caused by an equipment failure at a substation and affected thousands of people
Not enough discussion is happening at the state and local level