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Newburgh Firefighter Shelby Whitehouse ran up to the scene in full gear to find her boyfriend Lt. Zeke Fleming getting down on one knee
Lisbon Firefighter Justin Sayre surprised his girlfriend with help from another local fire department and a smoke machine
If the proposal is approved, firefighters would get top priority to those seeking affordable housing solutions
Members of the Barneveld Fire Department helped Lt. Kelby Ueltschi propose to fellow firefighter Becca Pelletier during a special training drill
Zach Steele planted smoke machines in his attic and went to the firehouse to collect his colleagues, who arrived at his house in full gear
Trudy Bermudez proposed to Tayreen Bonilla in the middle of the New York City Pride parade in front of thousands
An alarm sounded and two firefighters came out, got into a smaller truck and pulled out of the bay, revealing a message: “Will you marry me?”
Byers Fire Protection District firefighter Andrew Koldeway proposed to his girlfriend and colleague Angie Brummage after a live fire training
Lt. Russell Pauley jumped off the fire truck he was riding in to ask his girlfriend to marry him
The “public safety officer homebuyer assistance” program aims to improve safety in crime-plagued neighborhoods
Melissa Dohme was stabbed 32 times by her ex-boyfriend in 2012
From using ladder trucks to training towers, these firefighters made sure their proposal was a memorable one
Firefighter Chris Jenkins brought his girlfriend to his fire station, where fellow firefighters recorded and watched him propose
Joe Pozzi’s girlfriend was told there was an emergency that she had to tend to, but when she arrived, she found Pozzi waiting for her
A city employee convinced the FDNY to go along with Giles Baugh’s stunt so long as the proper safety precautions were taken
Boston firefighter Mike Materia responded to the bombing, and helped rescue Roseann Sdoia
Firefighter Preston Davis proposed to his girlfriend with a sign hanging on one of his department’s ladder trucks
Jessica Smith, a high school math teacher, didn’t know about the surprise proposal
The firefighter proposed after leading his now fiance down a fire truck as crowds cheered
After being on duty and not seeing each other for 48 hours, the firefighting couple reunited
Officer Nick Allender’s colleague initiated the stop; Sarah Stewart thought she was just being pulled over
Zayid Santana proposed while dangling from a roof on a rope during family day at the fire academy
The video of the proposal has gotten more than 19,000 views on Facebook
At the end of her lesson, he asked the kids if they wanted to see their teacher put on his bunker gear
The two met in an EMT class they attended together nearly four years ago
Firefighter Dylan LaBrake proposed to this girlfriend Tessa Lavery, also a firefighter, during a live fire training exercise
She thought she was throwing the first pitch, but firefighter-medic Cameron Hill popped the question instead