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The mayor said the restructuring of the town’s public safety operations is the rationale behind the change
As chief, Troy Cailler hired Sabattus’ first full-time firefighters, used grants to buy new equipment and secured funds for a new station
Lorain had put former Assistant Fire Chief Matthew Homolya on administrative leave since the incident
In his resignation letter, Kansas City Chief Michael Callahan urged crewmembers to keep each other safe and lauded the department for its talent and competency
The Waterville firefighter resigned after being put on leave, citing personal reasons
Kyle Daniel DuPrey, 36, resigned from the East Moline Fire Department prior to his arrest this week after charges were unsealed
The Overton firefighters had already voted for a new fire chief when the city council voted in an executive session to hire a different chief
From Walmart claiming operations made a fire worse to Vanessa Bryant’s $16 million win, these are the stories that stirred discussion this year
Chief Jason M. Martin is the third Upper Captiva Fire Rescue chief to resign in seven years
Sparks officials cited “serious criminal charges” that were about to be filed against Mark Lawson
The report, compiled by the fire department’s internal Board of Inquiry, addresses the Jan. 24 rowhouse fire in which three city firefighters were killed
The firefighter allegedly drove a U.S. Forest Service engine to a meeting site and later resigned from the agency
Brian Harbaugh said he went to pick up paperwork Sunday, exited the building fast and called for NorthStar EMS to help him; he quit on Monday
“We don’t have an objective pay structure,” said Webb Smith, one of two Marietta firefighters to resign in protest
“He’d been nothing but a good fire chief,” Preston Firefighter Christian Collins said about Chase Stanford
The Angel Fire employee who brought the complaint also was found to be at fault and resigned
With a new interim chief in place, firefighters and city leaders said they would work on communicating
The volunteers claim the city council is gatekeeping resources and creating unbearable working conditions
Aretha had it right – it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T, which for us means improving relationships with other agencies and officials
Key questions to ask yourself before leaving your fire department
Members of the Cosmopolis Fire Department said the mayor was accountable for taking away “necessary funding, and leadership where it was most needed”
It’s the community that suffers when board members and first responders alike don’t prioritize the public trust
Jerame Simmons, who has since been pardoned for the crime, was appointed acting fire chief of the Prairie Du Pont Volunteer Fire Department
Spokane’s fire union cites staffing shortages from retirements and departures, plus an uptick in sick leave from COVID-19 cases
Firefighter Bridget Martin, 18, filed complaints against former Delphos Fire Chief Kevin Streets, prompting the investigation
Nashville Fire Department Paramedic Matthew Konen was charged with the murder of his wife, Rachel, and her father, 62-year-old David Rodgers
Former Belen Fire Chief Bret Ruff said he had put the transfer of his license from Nevada to New Mexico “on the back burner”
A forensic analyst found more than 5,200 images and nearly 1,600 videos of child sexual abuse on the tablet