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Rural Fire Command

Survey respondents share their experiences with staffing stressors
82% of U.S. fire departments are all or mostly volunteer and, often, their funding depends on people stepping up to help
The Diamond fire in Scottsdale grew quickly and threatened approximately 100 homes
Investigators are looking for the cause of the Broadway fire that killed 3 adults, 2 young boys
Firefighter Robert Wilkes, owner of Skylite Houseboat Management, started removing boats from the Lake Powell dock to create a fire break
Livermore Falls needs to invest in equipment to help rebuild the department, according to a veteran chief’s review
“He told me that if it had been five more minutes, he doesn’t think he would have made it,” said Sumrall Volunteer Fire Chief Virginia Hayes
Limited staffing calls for being efficient in planning, training and member skills
The origin of our current command system began 50 years ago and was further developed through the work of Chief Alan Brunacini
The Lincoln-Lancaster County Emergency Management Agency ordered evacuations because of two blazes
Glynn County needs at least 37 firefighters and EMS providers per shift, said Chief R.K. Jordan. “With 31 people per shift right now, that’s six overtime shifts a day”
Orondo firefighters arrived to find the helicopter had flown into high-voltage power lines before hitting the tractor and catching fire
Mayor Mike Parker said that the wind shifted toward one of two Town Creek trucks in use at a wheat field fire; two firefighters escaped harm
Blomkest Firefighter Ryan Leif Erickson was in his vehicle when winds knocked a grain bin onto it
Bryan Jeffries, president of the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona, said districts have staffing issues but lack city departments’ robust sales tax revenue and generous aid packages