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Special Operations

The after-action report information from the Boise hangar collapse focuses on rescues, triage and scene safety
Utilizing special tools and the prompt assistance of a backhoe, the 24-year-old mare was successfully extricated
Colorado Springs firefighters now have a 24-hour drone service to assist with fireground operations and search and rescue
The patient left the McLaren Macomb Hospital, fully disrobed and swam across the Clinton River, then climbed the tower
Firefighters had to cut through four courses of brick and one-eighth-inch steel to rescue the teen
Reviewing the safety considerations, interagency planning and preplanning tools to aid firefighters
10 response considerations for high-risk/low-frequency events
Firefighter Tyler Wright: “We were one of the first people in there, and we didn’t know what we would encounter.”
Specialty-use vehicles can slip across the line of not being classified as emergency vehicles; here’s what to know about these units
Creating and operating a successful regional team rests on communication and trust