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“There were insufficient facts to determine if the testing process was violated by the other members of the class,” a D.C. Fire and EMS spokeswoman said
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The firefighters called for an end to oral exams after the “debacle” that left 120 unable to take their test
Firefighters Nicholas Schroeder and Anthony Stewart admitted to obtaining and taking pictures of the hazmat training exam
After more than three years of testing, re-testing and appeals, several lieutenants’ positions at the East Hartford fire department will finally be filled
With the last firefighters entrance exam taking place in 2014, and the next one scheduled for 2021, Chicago aldermen are demanding a higher frequency
Katie Bean, Samantha McCulloch and Teresa Smith are the first three female firefighters to be a part of Midlothian Fire Department
Assistant Chief Jeff Isaacs argues that he is being made an example of, and called the standards investigators Cal Fire Director Ken Pimlott’s “secret police”
Paul Gerdis, with Atlanta Professional Firefighters, said only 12 of the 25 who graduated in the class of 2016 passed the paramedic test
The firefighter’s written exam covers everything from a math skills review to a personality assessment
The money from operating the testing facility will go toward paying off the $70,000 outlay made to purchase the center’s specialized training equipment
Seven battalion chiefs who already won promotions based on the test will also be allowed to keep their jobs
Almost 2,000 firefighters had been certified despite failing written exams
Officials notified 488 applicants that they will have to retake the promotion exam this summer because the initial test had significant irregularities
Testing plays an important role in the application and promotion process, but needs to evolve to remain valid and useful
The department will see 60 candidates over two days and will select at least two new firefighters
A task that is hard for some may be easier for others; here’s what our readers had to say
To ensure changes to PPE standards are not half-baked, there’s a detailed and responsible procedure for idea to become reality
Officials say the low numbers of black firefighters who advance in rank suggest biased testing; out of 404 promotions, African-Americans received about 5 percent of the total
Sources say a firefighter allegedly designed a website to help colleagues housing actual pediatric advanced life support exam questions
Fire departments need candidates with a strong sense of ethics who will not embarrass or harm the department