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Train Fire

Video showed smoke filling the platform at the Eastern Market station
The AskRail program gives dispatchers information on train contents and provides FFs with hazmat training additional chemical details
“I don’t think you can ever be prepared for something like this” East Palestine Fire Chief Keith Drabick said about the fiery derailment
Federal regulators propose every railroad, nearly 600, push out details on chemicals carried to every first responder near a derailment
The Norfolk Southern safety train will make 15 stops this year training some 5,000 first responders across the country
Bessemer FD received $174,699 to cover the costs of lost hose, turnout gear, nozzles and other items
First responders from at least 15 agencies responded to the BNSF crash near Raymond
Ohio Western Reserve Joint Fire District Chief David Comstock urged increased funding for grants and safety programs to support hazmat training for firefighters
The rail company has also provided $220,000 to reimburse the Village of East Palestine Fire Department for contaminated equipment
The incident in Ohio serves as a reminder for all first responders to both train and coordinate early and often with community partners
People within a mile of the incident have been directed to evacuate immediately
A witness described the collapse and blaze as a “scene from hell”
A commuter train containing 120 passengers collided with an RV, causing both vehicles and a nearby freight train to catch on fire
Video showed more than 10 train cars derailed and flames shooting from the wreckage
Transportation officials and railroad representatives have touted the rules as a key piece of their efforts to stave off future disasters, following a string of fiery derailments and major spills
Four of the 16 derailed tank cars burned until firefighters brought the fire under control; track failure likely cause
If rail cars carrying flammable material crash, “blanket” will douse the blaze
Officials said 100 minutes was adequate time for responders to assess an accident and take action
There is a lack of statewide emergency planning and hazardous-material response capability should an oil spill occur
Firefighters from five departments battled fire in at least one of the seven rail cars
Smoke from the man’s self immolation killed two passengers an sickened 26; fire officials do not know why the man set himself on fire
New rules would require oil trains to use stronger tank cars and make other safety improvements
The railroad agency will examine all elements, including weather, the track and the operation of the train
Some want even tougher requirements that industry representatives say would be prohibitively costly
Black smoke could be seen rising from some of the tanker cars; one of the explosions sent a fireball at least 300 feet into the air
The U.S. Department of Transportation has ordered railroads to give specifics on oil-train routes and volumes so emergency responders can better prepared
Federal officials have said sharing information on shipments is crucial for firefighters and emergency responders to be prepared for accidents