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Building a fire department from scratch

FR1 editor in chief Rick Markley donates his time to the International Fire Relief Mission and is just off a trip to build a fire department in the Bahamas. Here’s a collection of stories about that effort.

Texas officials plan to create Emergency Services District No. 3, which will cover rural communities, to keep pace with rising costs for emergency services
The Tri-Township district board has sought and received applications for a fire chief to head up the new department, taken steps toward securing new equipment and hired a local safety expert
With no firefighting experience, Julian McKenzie was tapped by his community to lead a start-up fire department
Working with a corporate sponsor, to managing a larger team to, live-fire demonstrations, IFRM broke new ground
For a new fire department, even basic radio communications are a challenge to overcome
Starting a fire department from scratch is great when money is no object; when resources are scarce, you improvise
A recent humanitarian-aid trip to build a fire department from scratch shows what a community can accomplish