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The project, aimed at thoroughly assessing the occupational risks first responders face, has received an initial funding boost of $249,000
While self-rescue drills are vital, so too is mayday prevention training focused on fire dynamics, building construction, case studies and technology
How Columbus (Georgia) Fire and EMS’s work with a local school district resulted in multiple benefits for the community
A case study highlights how data can impact risk assessment and resource deployment models
Firefighters can be exposed to PFHxS and other PFAS chemicals from firefighting foam, exposure from contaminated PPE, managing PFAS foam wastes and contaminated fire stations
The City Council introduced a resolution that would authorize the hiring of the National Testing Network for a study of fire bureau’s hiring practices
NFPA report on the fire service’s aging infrastructure reveals it would cost an estimated $70-$100 billion to replace the fire stations
Firefighters from the Greensboro, Raleigh and Durham Fire Departments are wearing wristbands that will collect data on what firefighters are exposed to every day
The study found that the risk was 44% greater among firefighters who arrived on the morning of 9/11 compared to those who arrived later
A recent government study of 15 agencies found they struggle with too few firefighters, not enough money and ambulance services that are stretched thin
The study will focus primarily on large-scale fire and emergency medical risks, the resources available and the agreements that may be needed
First responders who have been assaulted need more counseling on what they can expect from the legal system, study says
Rice University conducted an in-depth analysis of 911 calls, determining fire trucks were responding to 25% of calls where an ambulance was required
The research could improve climate models and help determine what happens to the chemistry of smoke in the stratosphere
Missoula Fire Sciences Laboratory researchers are studying the properties of fire to make fighting wildfires safer
Data collected will help manufacturers design firefighting gear specifically for females
Study finds that wildfires could grow exponentially in the next 40 years, as temperatures continue to rise
Out of the 2,639 firefighters surveyed, only 75 responses were from females and 20% scored positive for PTSD and 30% will consider suicide throughout her life
An unstable pile of sharp steel sheets pinning a worker’s leg raised questions of field amputation and rescuer safety; here’s how we handled it
Amkus Rescue Systems’ hydraulic rescue system saves time and lives, chief says