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Chicago Fire Department

The Chicago Fire Department said a 75-year-old woman and two officers were transported to the hospital in serious but stable condition
The firefighter, a man in his 30s, was transported to a local hospital in critical condition
The law applies to those who got sick with the virus from March 9, 2020, through June 30, 2021 and assumes they contracted it because of work
Hundreds gathered; a minister called the service a celebration of life and asked mourners to their neighbor and give them a “Jermaine-type” smile
“When we take an oath as firefighters, we take an oath to put others first,” said IAFF President Edward Kelly
“The first thing you feel is failure. We want to be able to save our brother or sister,” said Chicago Firefighters Union Local 2 spokesman Patrick Quane
An autopsy determined that Jan Tchoryk died of a heart attack, a natural cause
Three other firefighters and two civilians were injured at the scene
The crewmembers were transported to hospitals and appeared to not be seriously injured, officials said
Firefighter Walter Stewart lost his youngest and oldest kids following the deaths of their brother and mother
“It’s gotta be like hell,” said Fire Department spokesperson Larry Langford. “We’re doing all we can to support [Walter Stewart],” who also lost his son
The firefighter’s wife and 3 young children suffered smoke inhalation
Officials said the crewmember was hospitalized and stabilized; extra equipment was needed to extinguish the blaze
The facility will include a 6-story training tower, community spaces, computer labs, classrooms, scenario training and an indoor shooting range
Viewers could be confused, resulting in harm to an infant, a spokesperson said