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Large Scale Incident

Join Highland Park Fire Chief Joe Schrage in conversation with Deputy Chief Billy Goldfeder to learn how his department responded to this incident.
Officials in Maui County say 271 structures were damaged or destroyed, and dozens of people have been injured
Four firefighters are among those injured after a 180-foot construction crane boom plunged 45 stories to the Midtown Manhattan streets below
Residents reported an explosion in the Newark Housing Authority building that led to the collapse
Several FDs responded to a fire involving a large woodchip pile at a Longview paper mill
Hundreds of first responders participated in several small group and full-scale exercises at Willoughby South High School
3 cars of a 7-car Amtrak train derailed after colliding with a truck in Ventura County
A supercell struck Matador killing at least 4 people and causing widespread destruction
Embers from the Clark County blaze caused smaller fires and sent up smoke seen across the Las Vegas Valley
First responders from Divernon and other locations moved injured people out of the storm that persisted for hours
“We have seen somewhere between 50 and 100 patients,” Ochiltree General Hospital CEO Kelly Judice said
Fire from a burning tanker caused the complete collapse of the northbound lanes; southbound lanes “compromised,” per a Philadelphia battalion chief
Medical helicopters flew 5 teens to Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston
The Norfolk Southern safety train will make 15 stops this year training some 5,000 first responders across the country
Nearly 100 firefighters were on the scene in Spencer as fire consumed the 160-year-old church collapsing the steeple