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10 steps to reduce the risk of financial misconduct, promoting a transparent and accountable organization
The defendant is alleged to have stolen Buffalo’s Engine 1 on July 14 while firefighters were responding to an EMS call
Police, with assistance from Gloversville firefighters, were able to take the suspect into custody after a brief struggle
The man crashed the ambulance, injuring the trapped provider, before fleeing and later stealing a Tanner Fire Department fire truck and crashing it, as well
“They didn’t want to give me a ride home,” Desai Billingsley can be heard saying in the video
The break-in was discovered on Monday, but the station is not staffed every day and does not have surveillance cameras, so the exact date of the burglary is unknown
A volunteer firefighter tried to stop Jessica Clines, but she struck him in the shoulder with the mirror of the truck
Alex November, 30, of Glen Cove, is faces charges for falsifying business records, along with a misdemeanor charge of official misconduct
Police arrested Jakyle E. Foster, 23, after he crashed the battalion vehicle into a Chevrolet Camaro
Chapel Hill Volunteer Fire Department firefighters said thieves took eight to 10 sets of gear from their station after getting in through a window
Police said Douglas Cloman II, who was on medical leave, let himself into two fire stations with keys and stole from the station and from other firefighters
Jawwaad Tasawwur Robinson first sparked a fire after crashing a vehicle into a tree, and was receiving medical treatment when he stole a fire department truck
Michael Janusek allegedly misappropriated money from the Chicago Heights Fire Department’s foreign fire tax fund
Robert Reasonover and Tyler Rathert allegedly logged into AMR’s accounting system and claimed hours they never worked
Paul Avery was arrested after detectives determined he had stolen a number of artifacts from the John T. Brennan Fire Museum and sold them on eBay
Police said Ashley Bemis posted photos on multiple social media pages of herself and her “fictitious firefighter husband” asking for donations
Former Little River Academy Volunteer Fire Department Chief David Borders and his son, William, are accused of stealing thousands from the department
Judge Cara Beatty denied giving Brian Martinson a split sentence of one year and jail and four years of probation and instead gave him a full five years in jail
Fire crews called 911 after seeing a store had been broken into, but noticed the man leaving the location and detained him after he refused to stop
Michael L. Fostich admitted that he removed vials of morphine and fentanyl from locked safes on ambulances throughout 2016
The Delmont Volunteer Firemen’s Relief Association will be audited as four former members are charged with stealing tens of thousands of dollars
Robert DePalma and William Erlbacher allegedly burglarized a Cal Fire station during the Camp fire, according to officials
An investigation found that $60,000 was missing from the Hudson Firefighters Relief Association Fund, and firefighters believe their former chief is to blame
Chief Alan Guitreau’s wife, Melissa, was arrested and accused of embezzling $225,000 after her husband reported her confession to him
Police said San Antonio paramedics left the truck running while they tended to a patient, and a suspect jumped inside and took off
Isaac Garcia, 19, was set to become a volunteer firefighter with the Patterson Fire Department until he was arrested on suspicion of robbery and hit-and-run
Harrison Township firefighter Steven Hart can be seen on body cam footage picking up a pill bottle and walking away at the scene of a fatal motorcycle crash
Two Aurora firefighters detained Lester Bernard when he was pursued out into the parking lot of the bank, and kept him there until police arrived