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Hot Car

Cooling centers, water distribution and other precautions not enough to prevent heat-related fatalities
Firefighter Matthew Clinton, 29, broke the window with a hammer to get the four-year-old out of the car
Carol Staninger’s system alerts drivers and passersby that a small child, a senior citizen, a person with disabilities or a pet is inside an unattended vehicle
The vehicle was parked in full sun with the windows cracked, and the animal was clearly struggling, Santa Rosa Fire Battalion Chief Matt Dahl said
Officials are using the hashtag #HeatStrokeKills to spread the message about this preventable tragedy
Josiah Riggins,1, was the second Phoenix baby in two days to die in a hot car, the Phoenix Fire Department said
One of the parents called 911 and admitted the 2-year-old boy was left in the vehicle overnight
The temperature-monitoring device would alert parents by phone or text
Meteorology instructor Jan Null said since 1998, 107 children in Texas have died in hot cars
On average, 37 children die from heatstroke after being left in hot cars every year
Officials said Troy Whitaker strapped his son in the backseat of his vehicle, leaving him there for eight hours
James Daniel Munns treated a toddler for heat exhaustion after being pulled from a hot car
The child’s mother left the 5-month old while she went shopping
Firefighters and medics attempted to revive the infant, but were not successful
The defense says he forgot the child and went to work; prosecutors will try to prove he intentionally left his child in the car