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On Duty

Lt. Alison Russo-Elling served New York for 25 years and responded to the 9/11 attack at the World Trade Center
Apopka crews typically have two people, but the IAFF recommends at least four
The news is “tragic and very sad,” the Sun City Fire and Medical Department said in a statement following the death of Shane Godbehere, which is under investigation
The promotion comes two years after Joseph Fontaine was put in a medically induced coma after suffering cyanide poisoning while battling a fire
Moulton Fire Chief Ryan Jolly said he was shocked after fiirefighter Christopher Henley was arrested at the fire station
William An thanked everyone who helped save him after being shot while responding to a call
The chief declined to say if any other disciplinary action was meted out after the accidental shooting and subsequent internal investigation
Firefighter Ryan Koehler was on-duty when he received a text alerting him of movement in his living room
Fire officials said the firefighter is undergoing testing and treatment at the hospital
Firefighter: “I won’t say I’ve gotten used to it, but I’ve learned to adjust to it.”
Firefighters took a truck, an ambulance and another fire vehicle when they went out to pass out candy
I would rather go into a fire with a poor test-taker who has more time on the job than me, than the guy who aced the test but hasn’t seen diddly
The individuals assigned to the “truck” have some of the most dangerous jobs at a building fire
You’ll need the right equipment, attitude and plenty of tips and tricks to get you ready
In my book, there is a difference between horseplay and pranking
You never know what type of call you’ll be responding to.
The uniform tries to hide all the problems, frustrations and disappointments we‘re feeling inside and project a clean, crisp, tough exterior
After breaking precedent and publicly discussing the terminations, Chief Hood wrote that he hopes fire personnel would now understand why he took the action he did
Colleagues administered CPR after Lt. David Conley, 48, collapsed at the station; he later died at a hospital
Because the first round of zingers barely scratched the surface of oddball complaints, here’s a second round of doozies heard on an emergency scene
The deputy district fire chief who was on duty while on the show retired before he could be disciplined; the firefighter who was on medical leave was fired
She allegedly has had performance-based issues before, including sleeping on the job; she’s on administrative duty with no patient contact
Always keep in mind to handle civilian complaints or concerns with poise and respect — no matter how ridiculous they sound
The fire chief and other firefighters said they would not respond to anymore call-outs until the issue is resolved, leaving just two people to respond in the area
The fire department’s chaplain said the firefighter’s recovery is “nothing short of a miracle”
More than 2,000 people signed a petition asking Commissioner Brenda Carey to apologize to the firefighters
Commissioner Brenda Carey texted a complaint to firefighters for going to a Winn-Dixie while they were on the clock
Fire Chief Greg McFadden said he was proud of how his firefighters keep their cool during the confrontation