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Reducing response times

From the second a tone drops, numerous factors can either speed or slow a fire department’s response time. In this special news report, we discuss rural challenges to responding and also look at how one department was able to reduce its response times with technology. In addition, check out how membership drives can enable your department to get to the scene more quickly.

The Richland and Lexington departments’ pact is intended to reduce response times
The addition of Fire Station 52, which will serve the UCSD campus and nearby neighborhoods, is expected to improve response times in the fast-growing area
Grady EMS is offering wage increases and bonuses for providers, and officials are also working with area fire chiefs on possible solutions
Mesa’s city manager and the firefighter’s union have competing ideas of the best way to improve service to slow spots
A committee formed after local firefighters and residents expressed frustrations over EMS response times and service
The split between 911 coverage and interfacility transfers seems to be causing the biggest frustration for local emergency officials
Blocked train crossings causing 10-minute wait times forced Sheffield city officials to approve a new fire station and several EMS stations on the other side of the tracks
Leaders must acknowledge that some accepted “truths” do not align with reality
Dunwoody and Dekalb County signed a memorandum of understanding last fall to station more ambulances around the city
Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s plan to layoff 378 firefighters would increase response time and idle fire trucks, Houston Fire Chief Sam Peña said
The possibilities for recruitment are endless for fire departments
A rural emergency incident requires the timely response of rescuers, response equipment and transport vehicles is a Web-based platform for managing everything to do with volunteer or on-call emergency response agencies