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The fire service is a tough industry, fueling countless emotions in the fire and rescue personnel who step up to protect their communities. FireRescue1 Voices is a place where firefighters across the country can speak up, tell their stories about difficult calls and voice their opinions about everything from what it takes to be a volunteer to the value of trade skills. If you want to share your story with the FireRescue1 community, please review our submission guidelines and email

Seeking closure nearly two decades after I believe an EMS provider sought to steal from my family as I worked to save my dad’s life
‘We are always there for each other’: Reflecting on the lifelong friendships formed at the NFA-adjacent pub
Aretha had it right – it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T, which for us means improving relationships with other agencies and officials
True DEI efforts must be intentional and prioritized, and create opportunities for all people to join the fire service family
New Mexico’s firefighters lost qualified immunity: Is your state next?
A once obese firefighter, I now have the confidence needed to not only meet my job expectations but excel at them
Following the ongoing news about Peyton Morse’s death, one firefighter reflects on his personal experience with drills gone wrong
A firefighter reflects upon the sacrifice of 343 brothers
It is difficult to state that we care about the public we serve when we cite “personal choice” as a reason for not being vaccinated
How to make sound decisions about emergency communications systems in an ever-changing field
After a state referendum showed how the distinction was used to divide, I propose a new approach to labeling organizations and members
The fire service has changed: There are more fires to fight and wounds to heal than the ones on the outside
The statistics on sexual harassment and assault in the fire service are alarming and demand we do more than just annual online training
Chief Goldfeder explains his thoughts on the thin red line flags, which have become a controversial symbol of public safety support in recent months.
Volunteers have lives beyond our station walls, and we cannot force them to all have the same level of commitment and passion
Turning a blind eye to hazing and harassment inhibits the growth of new members
It’s time for a national response to our national emergency
Vaccination protects providers, partners, the public and patients from the known and significant risks of COVID-19 infection
Therapy, medication and support helped me win the battled against PTSD and find hope again
Why we need to consider another incident priority: Helping fire victims post-fire
The fire service isn’t all glory – it’s also loss and heartbreak – but we pick each other up and keep helping
We have to support each other and be willing to give help – and not just through dark humor or a slap on the back with a “you good?”
Following a fatal fire, we must remember we were there when we were most needed – and face the pain
Key realizations about the impact of fire prevention and CRR efforts
Detailing the diagnosis process, plus the ‘lightbulb’ moment about underestimating the number of toxic fires we face
‘This is the answer why we are God’s chosen’: A fire captain shares feelings about the job during a dark time of his life
To make progress, we must first condemn such racism and acknowledge our role in its continued existence
A new enemy prompts strategy sessions akin to the World War II generals planning for battle